Manipura (c)

(3.3) The solar plexus is the central point of distribution for energy which the body is constantly generating.

(2.13) Knowledge of cause & effect allows us to plan courageously and execute fearlessly.

(1.23) The controlling factor in this method of thought is spiritual truth.

(8.23) To absolutely convince yourself of the truth concerning the conditions you desire to see manifested in life is the method for destroying all forms of fear.

Food in converted into energy, which empowers our ability to concentrate. Every thought is a cause. Our perception of conditions is the effect. We make choices based on this perception, which creates new causes.

Spiritual truth is the principle of cause & effect. Our thoughts, feelings, and belief  constructs our perception and results in our attitude.

(8.28) Our ability to think is our ability to act upon the Universal Mind and bring desire into manifestation for the benefit of ourselves and others.

(1.28) Concentration operates by the development of the powers of perception, wisdom, intuition, and sagacity.

(2.18) Many fail to secure harmonious conditions because they do not understand this law of causation; there is no polarity, they have not found the circuit.

(3.8) Our predominant mental attitude determines the conditions we meet in life.

Universal Mind is unlimited creative potential.

The law of causation depends upon interaction between the individual and the Universal. This interaction is our thoughts. Whatever we think is communicated as desire.

Our predominant mental attitude is our consistent perception of conditions, as molded by our directed attention.

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