kam chakr (MSM1a)

(1.1) The world without is a reflection of the world within.

(2.1) There are two modes of mental activity–conscious and subconscious.

(3.1) The cerebral-spinal system of nerves if the organ of the conscious mind.

(8.1) Imagination is a form of constructive thought. It is the light that penetrates new worlds of thought and experience; the mighty instrument by which every great discoverer or inventor opens the way from precedent to experience.

The world without is the work of objects and form. The world within is composed our of thoughts, influenced by psychological forces and biological drives, in relation to sensory information and filtered through ego.

Constructive thought supports our ideal state of being.

(8.10) Keen analytical information leads to opulence and harmony.

(3.10) Universal Mind/Brahma is the creative of principle of the universe.

(2.10) Thought is creative and will correlate with its object and bring it into manifestation.

(1.10) All power comes from within–the universal fountain of supply–the infinite energy of each individual, an outlet.

Keen analytical observation is necessary to identify causes that lead to effects.

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