kam chakr (MSM2e)

(1.15) If our belief regarding truth is different than another, we are unable to form a conception of the results that may ensue.

(2.15) Thought is the connecting link between the finite and the infinite.

(3.15) Jesus, Plato and Swedenborg all advocated this teaching.

(8.15) Thinking is the great business of life.


(8.16) Thought is spiritual and therefore creative. To consciously control thought is to control circumstances, conditions, environment and destiny.

(3.16) We are thinking on the plane of the absolute where–having planted a seed–if left undisturbed, will germinate into fruition.

(2.16) The Universal can manifest itself, only, through the individual.

(1.16) We may know the truth by a realization of the fact that truth is the vital principle of the universe and therefore omnipresent.

The only absolute we are aware of is revealed in the patterns within nature.

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