Manipura (c)

(8.23) To absolutely convince yourself of the truth concerning the conditions we desire to see manifest in life is the method for destroying all forms of fear.

Truth is manifested in conditions produced by our predominant mental attitude. Therefore, to destroy fear is to “reprogram” our predominant mental attitude. We do this by consistently, and intentionally, directing our thought.

(3.3) The solar plexus is the central point of distribution for energy which the body is constantly generating.

We relate to the Universal Mind by the subconscious mind. The solar plexus is the organ of this mind. (1.4)

(2.13) Possessions are of value only as they confer power.

Power is the ability to adjust conditions to support our ideal state.

Possessions are symbols of spiritual activity, because they indicate specific states of mind we desire or have desired.

(1.23) Spiritual truth is the control factor in this method of thought.

Spiritual truth is a knowledge of thoughts creative power.

(1.30) The symbol is the outward form of the spiritual reality within. Therefore, unless we possessed the spiritual reality, the form disappears.

Symbols possess our thoughts. If symbolic form does not possess our thoughts, it is a merely an object that contains no value.

(2.20) Thought will correlate with it’s object and bring it into manifestation because thought is a product of the spiritual man and spirit is the creative principle of the universe.

We are spiritual beings because we have the ability to interact with creative potential by thinking.

(3.10) Universal mind is the creative principle of the universe.

Universal Mind is the “all father” of every religion.

(8.30) The result of constructive thinking is you will come to know “the father” as Universal Mind, which really and truly does live within you and all things are possible and can be demonstrated by anyone with sufficient understanding.

All things are possible because Universal Mind is a symbol of unlimited creative potential.

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