Anahata (c)

(4.3) Thought is given vitality by the law of love.

Cause & effect rests on vibration which, in turn, rests on love. This is the principle which gives thought its dynamic power. (4.15)

(3.13) Need, want, and desire-in the largest sense-induce, guide, and determine action.

Need, want, and desire, all originate from thought.

(2.23) Creative power originates in the Universal.

Universal Mind is the creative principle of every atom in existence. (1.5)

(2.28) The law of growth depends upon reciprocal action. The Individual is complete at all times and this makes it possible to receive only as we give.

It is best to fill a cup that is empty.

(3.18) “Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things unseen.”

Faith is a conviction; a confidence in our ideal.

(4.8) The secret of power is service.

Service is how we think and act toward others.

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