The Universe is becoming conscious of itself.

This is the purpose of our existence. As an expression of cosmic consciousness, we have the opportunity to *participate in this process by taking INITIATIVE.

The default operating system of this emergence is expressed in individuals as biological drives and cognitive forces. Ego serves an invaluable function–it mediates between these drives and forces and emerging consciousness within us –prompting an awareness of our physical state as a symbiotic resonance of our primordial, eternal, essence within  cosmic consciousness. Quantum physics refers to this as Quantum Entanglement. Ego translates physical experience to Self (the soul), which is an outlet of cosmic consciousness in each individual.

The cognitive revolution brought sapiens an awareness of Self as distinct from our biological drives (which have served us well in past, although some no longer serve us at all).  This awareness produces existential “mysteries” for ego to solve, prompting necessary revisions–upgrades–of our perspectives and beliefs.

Because consciousness is emerging, we must consistently revise our perspectives based on our new experience of consciousness.  Those who resist these “upgrades” develop anxiety and neurosis as their illusions become exposed before them.

Mythology led to religion which gave birth to science. Each offered a new way to understand existential inquiry in correspondence with evolving cognition.

Freewill is the ability to choose our beliefs. Beliefs determine our predominant mental attitude, which frame our perception of conditions we experience.

Our predominant mental attitude is reinforced through the repetition of “mental pictures” our beliefs inspire. Becoming conscious of these belief systems allows us to replace them if they are no longer serving our ideal state. Among mammals, this ability is unique to sapiens, as far as we know.

Regardless of the condition, we remain free to choose how to frame experience. We frame conditions in correspondence with our belief systems.

INITIATIVE is taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions, ensuring our attention is constantly directed toward creating mental pictures the support an ideal conscious experience.

Thoughts produce emotional responses or reactions; responses–if thoughts reflect our ideal state, reactions–if thoughts reflect what we are afraid of /could happen. All experience is somewhere on the spectrum between these two extremes.

The “knowledge of good and evil” is an awareness of  extremes. Morality is based on how these extremes makes us feel.

Introspection is a state of observation wherein the individual seeks to learn from their own behavior as they navigate through the conditions of life.

Consciousness is transitioning to a non-dual, post observer/observed experience, wherein we become creators of experience (quantum) rather than observers (science), participants (religion/ritual), or slaves/captives (mythology).

An awareness of and intentional decision to adjust our beliefs in support emerging consciousness is the key that will unlock the next step of our evolution; we will transition from navigators of experience to engines of experience.

The Universe seeks to become aware of itself. We have no greater purpose in life than to assist this process.

We increase our conscious experience by accepting responsibility to eliminate thoughts and actions/activities that threaten our awareness by placing us into a suggestive hypnotic trance that that does not support a conscious experience of life.

The more a mental picture is repeated/reinforced, the more our subconscious makes decisions toward achieving an outcome inspired by these mental images. Thus, initiative determines the form of opportunity we attract.

The stories we tell ourselves become the tools/weapons that shape out journey; tools if they assist, weapons if they sabotage.

Mythology represents a stage in evolution when the stories we told ourselves offered meaning to hardship and value to celebration. These stories informed an understanding of nature and the role of our existence within it. Mental pictures were informative. Sapiens were slaves/captives to the whims of the gods.

Religion represents a stage in evolution when the rituals we performed offered meaning to hardship and value to celebration. These rituals (stories) reinforced separation between the earth (physical) and the “the heavens” (cosmic/divine). Mental pictures were reframed into petitions (prayer). Sapiens were participants by virtue of their obedience and compliance to God.

Ritual is an intentional hypnotic action in support of freewill. Habit is a destructive hypnotic reactions to feeling powerless.

Science represents a stage in evolution when we began to observe and become conscious of being observed. We moved beyond the symbols of imagination and ritual, forming a passive aggressive attitude towards a metaphysical Theory of Everything. Mental pictures empowered the observer and defined the observed. Sapiens realized that experience is the byproduct of observation, and the stories we tell ourselves determine how we (re) frame conditions we encounter.

Each system has benefited the evolution of our cognitive abilities, and each system was abused and used for the exploitation of the powerless.  As Sapiens continue to develop a greater awareness of our role in participating in the emergence of consciousness, there is a greater need to “upgrade” our reliance on each of these systems and recognize that all tools become weapons when we refuse to adapt.

Quantum represents a stage in our evolution when Sapiens intentionally monitor their perception and adjust their predominant mental attitude, when required, to maintain an ideal or optimal state of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Mental pictures become the engine of transformation and add to our collective experience of consciousness. We recognize the divinity of the individual and embrace all of creation as an expression of the Universe becoming conscious of itself.

The stories we tell ourselves are mental pictures. They inform the subconscious with regards to what we value.

Ritual provides a “check in” to ruminating mind and determines the object(s) of thought which inspires our predominant mental attitude.

Observation reveals the unconscious patterns (complexes) that guide our thoughts and actions.

INITIATIVE is an expression of our unity with creative potential. It develops by retraining the subconscious–adjusting our thoughts and behavior–to be in harmony with what we mindfully observe, ensuring all thoughts and actions are supportive of our ideal state.

A Mastermind is one who exceeds at directing their attention and maintaining concentration to the degree that they are able to direct their attention toward the achievement of any plan in harmony with emerging consciousness.

Love distinguishes ritual from habit. Love has all the qualities of creation because love is creative potential and the passion to create.

If the stories we tell ourselves conflict with our ritual and/or habits, the result is passive aggression. This is the essence of patriarchy/monarchy/politics; the ping pong between reason and faith.

Ego is a translator of experience, not a governor of it. The mature ego is in a constant process of individuating–becoming conscious of unconscious habitual belief systems and adjusting themselves to integrate this informed knowledge. In this way, we cooperate with the emergence of cosmic consciousness.  Gaining an awareness that we are all expressions/vessels of this same cosmic consciousness, we embrace our interconnectedness with all creation.

Our biological drives and cognitive forces become the metaphors for all “lesser” gods, who mimic the emergence of consciousness. An awareness of these drives and forces is a foundational step toward realizing our ideal state–the state of constant cooperation with cosmic consciousness. We develop this awareness through observing ourselves being observed.

It is our responsibility to create unique rituals that occupy our imagination and maintain the discipline to consistently observe them. These rituals provide meaning to hardship and value to celebration.**

Empowered by a passion to create conscious experience, we observe ourselves observing our participation within the stories that form our perception–our unique contribution to the emergence of cosmic consciousness.

We feel the most comfortable with those who share our rate of vibration–the rate at which one takes INITIATIVE to adjust their thoughts and actions to support a more conscious experience.

Using our awareness of this new central living myth to shape our perception of conditions we experience in life, we share our story with confidence.

Everything else is commentary.


*Carl Jung referred to this process of bringing unconscious beliefs into conscious awareness, Individuation.

** Creating personal value and meaning is essential to Nietzsche’s Übermensch (superman).