Have a laugh at your expense

Conditions are not arbitrary. Conditions we encounter in life are effects. Many of our frustrations exist because we create the condition for what frustrates us to occur. You burn yourself because you touched a pot that was hot, you tripped because you were texting not watching as you walked, a pile of books falls over because they are not balanced and stacked to high.

When frustrations like this happen it is important to remember that we created the scenario that allowed it to happen, otherwise we begin to act as though we are entitled to avoid responsibility for our actions.

It also helps tremendously to take a moment and realize how lucky you are that conditions aren’t worse. A recognition of what we’ve been saved from, replaces our victim dialogue (reaction) with gratitude (response).

(4.18) A solution to our problems seems difficult if we are uninformed or inexperienced.


Reykjavik, Iceland

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