Anahata (b)

(4.2) Thought is carried by the law of vibration.

Vibration carries thought and creates resonance.

Resonance is is heard with the ear. Vibration is felt by intuition.

(3.12) Inductive reasoning is a method of study that reveals a reign of law which marks an epoch in human progress.

This “reign of law” is cause & effect.

(2.22) We may control other forms of intelligence by a  recognition of Self as an individualization of Universal Intelligence.

Other forms of intelligence refers to the psychological forces and biological drives that manipulate human behavior.

(2.29) We give thought.

We give thought to others by thinking of them.

(3.29) Cause & effect is the principle by which faith is brought forth into manifestation.

Faith is a belief in the manifestation of desire.

(4.9) The silence is a physical stillness.

Remaining still allows us to gain a greater awareness of how our physical body feels.

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