6.20-23~ Sickness May Be Eliminated

(6.20) Sickness may be eliminated by placing ourselves in harmony with natural law, which is omniscient.

(3.4) The solar plexus is the central point of distribution for energy which the body is constantly generating.

(3.5) This distribution may be interrupted by resistant, critical, discordant thought, but especially by fear.

(3.5) The result of this disruption is every ill which the human race has been afflicted.

Placing ourselves in harmony with natural law is a recognition that our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well being must reinforce each other.

(6.21) Man in a spiritual being and this spirit must, necessarily, be perfect.

It is due to neglect of spiritual awareness (the importance of recognizing that our thoughts are a catalyst to manifest perception/reality) that we become fixated on nurturing less than our complete four-fold being.

(6.22) A conscious recognition of this perfection–first mentally then emotionally–results in a manifestation of this perfection.

When theoretical knowledge becomes applied knowledge, our perception/reality changes.



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