Crossover Week #2 (c)

(3.13) Need, want, and desire–in the largest sense–induce, guide, and determine action.

(4.13) A practical working knowledge of cause and effect is secured through an understanding of natural law.

Need, want and desire are expressions of CONSCIOUSNESS, which directs force.

Cause and effect is the SUBSTANCE through which consciousness exerts force.

Natural law is the principle of life to thrive–the guiding FORCE of evolution/progress.

(3.14) The formula for the unerring solution of every problem is to believe our desires have already been fulfilled. Their accomplishment will soon follow.

(4.14) The effect of an understanding of natural law is a conscious realization that we can adjust ourselves to divine and unchanging principles.

A conscious realization that all conditions are effects and all thoughts and actions are the cause of conditions, provides us with the confidence and motivation to adjust our thoughts and actions to support the creation of conditions that support the ideal state we desire to manifest in our lives.

(3.15) Jesus, Plato, and Swedenborg all advocated this teaching.

(4.15) The degree of success we achieve is indicated by the degree in which we realize that we can not change the infinite but must cooperate with it.

Natural law is infinite, thus, we must be able to differentiate thought and action that supports Natural law from what does not. Selfish (self serving) thought and actions do not support natural law.

This method of thinking (inductive reasoning/faith) has been recognized throughout history.

(3.16) We are thinking on the plane of the absolute where–having planted a seed–if left undisturbed will germinate into fruition.

(4.16) The law of attraction rests on vibration which–in turn–rests on love. This is the principle which gives thought its dynamic power. Any thought impregnated with love is invincible.

Natural Law is absolute. We may direct this FORCE to produce infinite SUBSTANCE (form) as a result of our CONSCIOUSNESS state. The “highest” consciousness state we can operate from is a position of love because love is the greatest expression of Natural Law. As long as we do not “disturb” our thoughts and actions with selfish intent, the seeds we ave planted will blossom into manifestation.

(3.17) This belief is scientifically intact because it is a natural law.

(4.17) It is invincible because it is a natural law. All natural laws are invincible, unchangeable and act with mathematical certitude, without deviation or variation.

Natural law is absolute because it can be/has been consistently observed (measured).

(3.18) “Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things unseen.

(4.18) A solution to our problem seems difficult if we are uninformed or inexperienced.

We reaffirm our confidence/faith through repeated observation of the effects of Natural Law to manifest conditions based on our quality/object of thought.

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