Crossover Week #2 (d)

(3.19) The law of attraction is the natural law by which faith is brought forth into manifestation.

(4.19) It is impossible for the mind to grasp an entirely new idea if there is not a corresponding vibratory thought capable of receiving the idea.

Repetition (of thought and action) increases confidence (faith).

(3.20) A knowledge of the law of attraction has eliminated the elements of caprice and uncertainty in mens lives and substituted law, reason, and certitude.

(4.20) Wisdom is secured through concentration; it is an unfoldment. It comes from within.

Confidence in natural law, inductive reasoning and observable fact empowers concentration and motivates us to instigate change in support of our ideal state.

(3.21) Extremes are designated by distinctive names such as inside and out, top and bottom, light and dark, good and bad.

(4.21) Power depends upon recognition and use; use determines its existence.

Non duality is a state of non judgement. It is a recognition of extremes without the impulse to judge ourselves or others by these labels.

“Use” is integration of knowledge we have gained. It means we actually use the knowledge we have gained to adjust ourselves (4.14) in support of our ideal state.

(3.22) These are not separate entities but parts or aspects of the whole.

(4.22) Recognition is consciousness.

Extremes correspond with unique states of consciousness.

(3.23) Universal mind-the eternal energy from which all things proceed–is the creative principle of the spiritual, mental, and physical world.

(4.23) We become conscious of power by thinking.

Thinking is the tool of which we access unlimited creative potential.

(3.24) We are related to this creative principle by our ability to think.

(4.24) The great business of life is correct scientific thought.

The purpose of life is to create. We do this by thinking.


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