Manipura (c)

(3.23) Universal Mind–the eternal energy from which all things proceed–is the creative principle of the spiritual, mental, and physical world.

(3.13) Need, want, and desire–in the largest sense–induce, guide, and determine action.

(3.3) The solar plexus is the central point of distribution for energy the body is constantly generating.

(2.23) Creative power originates in the Universal.

(2.13) A knowledge of cause & effect allows us to plan courageously and execute fearlessly.

(2.3) The value of the subconscious is enormous. It guides us, warns us, controls the vital processes and is the seat of memory.

(1.23) Spiritual truth is the controlling factor in this method of thought.

(1.13) A knowledge of the truth is the underlying condition necessary is every business transaction or social relation.

(1.3) We relate to the objective world by the objective mind. The brain is the organ of this mind.

The creative principle/power of the universe/The Universal–what we call Natural Law–is the “breath of life” in the sense that this is the Brahma energy that brings all life into existence and desires life to thrive. Humans provide a vehicle for consciousness to experience itself.  We direct this experience by expressing need, want, and desire. The solar plexus is the “transmitter” that sends our expression to the Universal. In this way, our thoughts become the cause. Thought may be conscious (intentional) or subconscious (habitual).  Spiritual truth is belief (truth) that originates from thought. “Spiritual” describes the polarity between thought and belief, as well as between the individual and Universal. We must have knowledge of how our thoughts produce what we believe, and hence, what we feel. If actions and words do not aline, it is because there is a conflict between thought and belief.

We relate to the world of objects through our senses, which informs the brain who, in turn, relays this information to the sub/conscious.

(1.8)  Harmonious and desirable conditions are secured by constructive thinking.

(1.18) The advantage of spiritual methods is they are always available.

(1.28) Intuition is superior to reason because it does not depend upon existence or memory and frequently brings about a solution to our problems by methods of which we are in entire ignorance.

(2.8) Our environment reflects conditions corresponding to our predominant mental attitude.

(2.18) Many fail because they do not understand this law. There is no polarity. They have not found the circuit.

(2.28) The law of growth depends upon reciprocal action. The individual is complete at all times and this makes it possible to receive only as we give.

(3.8) Our predominant mental attitude determines the experiences we meet in life.

(3.18) “Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things unseen.”

(3.28) Mental action depends upon polarity–action and interaction between the individual and the Universal.

Constructive thinking is directed attention that supports our ideal state. Spiritual Methods are always available as long as the individual is capable of directing their attention. Intuition is the “knowing” that comes from the The Universal.  Our Predominant Mental Attitude is the filter by which we filter experience and give it meaning. Faith means belief. Polarity rules nature.


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