Anahata (b)

(4.2) Thought is carried by vibration.

(3.12) Inductive reasoning is a method of study which has marked an epoch in human progress.

(2.22) We may direct other forms of intelligence by a recognition of Self as an individualization of Universal intelligence.

Radio waves, wi-fi, and thought all travel by means of vibration; waves.

Inductive reasoning has marked an epoch in human progress because humans can now observe and reflect upon the causes that produce effects.

All experience is directed by thought. If I am influenced by another, it is because I have directed my attention to them.

(2.29) We give thought.

(3.19) Cause & effect is the principle by which faith is manifested in form.

(4.9) “The silence” is a physical stillness.

When we direct our attention to others, we are “giving.”

Form is an effect. Faith is the willingness and initiative to control the cause.

Silence is important to establish mental control over the physical body.

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