The Value of Evaluation

As children, many of us understood “discipline” as the consequences of misbehaving, ie. punishment.

Unfortunately, many of our childhood impressions form belief systems we carry with us throughout our life.

Part of maturing is recognizing that many of our childhood perceptions no longer serve our best interests. Evaluation is the art of recognizing the temporal and transient nature of value. Values provide moral currency to our decisions. Guilt is a result of making choices to think and act in ways that conflict with our values. Depression and anxiety are often the result of an established value system that is consistently in opposition to our current understanding of ourselves. This is why evaluation is so neccesry, because we can identify and eliminate values/belief systems that no longer support our ideal state or we recognize that our behaviour does not support values/belief system that is neccesary to maintain our ideal state.

As an adult, “discipline” is the art of behavior regulation. We realize the inherent power of discipline to empower our conscious intention and override and replace destructive habits of thought with harmonious affirmations leading to abundance.


Icelandic Horses, Iceland

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