Solar Plexus

(3.3) The solar plexus is the central point of distribution for energy the body is constantly generating.

The Solar Plexus corresponds with Manipura Chakra. Manipura means “city of jewels.” In the Tibetan tradition, this chakra is mani padma, “jeweled lotus.”

Manipura is located at the level of the navel and is the center of willpower, dynamism, achievement and energy.

“Manipura chakra radiates and distributes pranic energy throughout the entire human framework, regulating and energizing the various activities of organs, systems, and processes of life.” ~ Swami Satyananda Saraswati

(3.6) This energy can be controlled and directed by conscious thought.

(3.9) We may awake the solar plexus by mentally stating what is wanted.

Conscious thought is mentally stating what is wanted.

(7.1) Visualization is the process of creating mental pictures. 

Creating mental pictures is thought.

(4.28) All lack, limitation, disease and discord is due to the exact same law. The law operates relentlessly and is continuously bringing about conditions in correspondence with the thought which originated or created them.

The subconscious mind does not differentiate between supportive and toxic thoughts, this is the function of the conscious mind.

(2.4) The conscious mind has the faculty of discrimination. It has the power of reasoning. It is the seat of the will and may impress the subconscious.

We must utilize the conscious faculty of discrimination to determine our quality of thought, and adjust our thoughts is they are toxic. This is a conscious responsibility. The greater our awareness, the greater our responsibility.


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