5.21-24~ Source Of All Power

(5.21) Consciousness is the real secret of power because whenever we become conscious of power, it is manifested in the objective world; it is brought forth into tangible expression.

(5.22) Universal Mind–from which all things proceed and which is one and indivisible–is the source of all power.

Consciousness is awareness. When we become aware of something, we have more information with which to make better decisions.

The absence of polarity is non duality (one and indivisible). This is a distinguishing characteristic of Self. Pure mind in static form (Universal Mind/Self) is the source of all creative power.

(5.23) This power is manifested through the individual; each individual is a channel whereby this power is differentiated in form.

(6.16) The power of the individual to think is his ability to act upon the Universal and create manifestation.

(5.24) We may connect with this Omniscience by our ability to think, which is our ability to act upon Universal Energy, and what we think is produced or created in the objective world.

It is important to remember that ego identifies objects while Self projects form. While one person may attempt to utilize the law of attraction for a Ferrari (object) another will utilize this law to attract abundance (form). The difference is in orientation. The essence of natural law is non attachment, thus, fixation or obsession with an object is counterproductive and will, inevitably, create suffering as object identity lends itself towards craving (attaining) or aversion (not attaining). Therefore, the emphasis of the aspirant should be on form, not objects. Whenever we become to specific with regards to “objects,” we risk losing ourselves in a maze of subtle assumptions (stories we tell ourselves) about why we are gaining or losing the object of our thought.  Thus, our thoughts are no longer directed toward attracting our desire, but on the emotional weight we’ve attached to craving and/or aversion.

“Happiness is being able to accept what-is, and what-is-not there. Unhappiness is to want something that is not there or want something that is there. That is the basic duality of daily living… Although happiness or unhappiness has never been in your control, the difference is that there is no feeling of helplessness… the ultimate meaning of happiness is acceptance.” ~ Ramesh S. Balsekar


University of Iceland, Reykjavik

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