Telescope Eyes

(8.1) Imagination is a form of constructive thought. It is the light that penetrates new worlds of thought and experience–the mighty instrument by which every great discoverer or inventor opens the way from precedent to experience.

(1.21) The true method of concentration is to become so identified with the object of our thought that we are conscious of nothing else.

(8.11) Wealth depends upon an understanding of the creative nature of thought.

(1.11) Well doing is the imperative condition of all well being.

(8.21) Every system of metaphysics depends upon a knowledge of the truth concerning ourselves and the world.

(1.1) The world without is a reflection of the world within.

Imagination is creative visualization that supports our ideal state of being. Imagination is empowered by concentration on and confidence in the creative nature of thought. 

Feeling is a response to action which inspires feeling. This truth concerns the universe as well as it does ourselves. What we feel within is expressed in conditions.

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